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Nov 15, 2019

Being part of a tribe - people you relate to, and who get you - can be good for your health.  Festivals strive to cultivate a cool vibe that brings together like-minded people for a good time, and there's an art to that.

FestForums, a conference that brings together people who create festivals- and those who provide services that support festivals and live events - is coming to Santa Barbara November 21-23.  It's a very cool hang!

In this episode I speak with Laurie Kirby, co-founder of FestForums, about trends in conferences, what it takes to put on a successful live event - and what will be happening at FestForums this year. Special guests at FestForums this year include Penelope Spheeris, Jon Anderson (YES), Skip Parker,  Ray Parker, Jr. and many more. And, this is an event where everyone feels like a VIP, being treated to a variety of events and activities from wine tastings - and live performances, to panels, awards and presentations.

I will be there to offer Aroma Experiences, so I hope to see you there.  For more information and to register (use the promo code "FRIENDOFLAURIE" for a deal), go to