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Welcome! Enjoy these ideas on natural health & wellness, while enhancing your experience with the supportive aromas of pure essential oils. 

Dec 6, 2018

The essential oils brand that you hear me raving about in my podcasts doesn't only make essential oils. They are a lifestyle wellness company, and have hundreds of products, all made of natural plant and mineral based ingredients, supporting the health and well being of yourself and your loved ones.

There is an incredible line of vitamins and other nutritional supplements, In this podcast, I introduce you to some of my favorite supplements, including Super B, Super C, MultiGreens and Longevity (great for anti-aging, and support against environmental pollution). 

Also, NingXia Red, the super-juice puree, is a top-selling product. 2-4 ounces in the morning and/or evening, will support all of the systems in your body. I love the way the NingXia gives me a boost first thing in the morning, my head feels clear and my stomach relaxed. NingXia is a healthy alternative to caffeine-infused drinks. I prefer to get my energy naturally!

Ready to ring in the New Year with a healthy wellness routine? Let me help. You can get started at, and be sure to drop me a line, I am happy to offer product ideas that will support your health & wellness goals.