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Jun 19, 2019

Happy Solstice - in Santa Barbara, we are welcoming Summer this weekend with a colorful & creative people-powered parade (no motors, no corporate branding) that draws tens of thousands to State Street to see the spectacle, followed by a celebration in the park.

Wherever you are this weekend, consider taking time to mark this major turning point of the year - equal parts of light and dark. In this episode, I share ideas for a Solstice ritual - as well as findings from a new study that reveals people who spend two hours a week in nature (anywhere, doing anything), reported better well-being and satisfaction with their life (read more in The Guardian).

Plus - how do you use your Premium Starter Kit of essential oils once your order them at I offer some tips for working these pure nature's essences into daily life.

Finally - are you in Santa Barbara Solstice Weekend, you're invited to an essential oils infused meditation/goal setting ritual at the beach. Message me for details, and listen for more at the end of this episode.

For more information and to order your Premium Starter kit of Essential oils, go to