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Aug 17, 2019

"Raising your Vibe" means being at your best - improving. Everything in the world is vibrating at a frequency - and, there are simple things you can do to raise your vibe.

I love the term vibrations - and it always reminds me of a story I heard, Brian Wilson (of the Beach Boys) recalled a time when he was young, walking with his mom and he asked her why neighborhood dogs barked at some people and not others. His mom told him something like it's because everyone gives off vibrations - and some of those vibes will make dogs bark. And, that's what inspired Wilson to write the hit tune Good Vibrations. 

So - in today's episode, I suggest ideas for making the vibrations you're giving off - high vibrations (or, as the song goes "Good Vibrations"). 

The suggested essential oil to enhance your listening experience is SAGE - as Sage is known for purifying air and cleansing. You can receive a F R E E bottle of Sage Vitality essential oil this summer - when you order a Premium Starter Kit of 12 essential oils + diffuder from me - at