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Welcome! Enjoy these ideas on natural health & wellness, while enhancing your experience with the supportive aromas of pure essential oils. 

Sep 18, 2019

So you're moving thru your day - normal routine - and then, BAM! Something comes out of the blue and you wipe out.  That's what happened to me the other day when I was rear-ended on Los Angeles traffic. It could have been much worse - so, I can't complain too much. 

In this episode, I'm joined by Elizabeth Gould, author of Your Best Health by Friday, to talk about the link between emotional pain and physical pain. She offers insights into feeling your best, and shares what get her on the road to natural wellness.

The suggested essential oil for this episode is Valor, a blend of Frankincense, Spruce and other pure essential oils. This aromatic blend inspires feelings of confidence and courage, and helps keep me focused on seeing what I want to achieve, rather than being pushed around on the whitecaps of life. 

Valor is one of the 12essential oils & blends you'll receive (along with a diffuser) when you get a Premium Starter Kit at