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Welcome! Enjoy these ideas on natural health & wellness, while enhancing your experience with the supportive aromas of pure essential oils. 

Mar 21, 2020

With all that's happening in the world, did you even notice that Spring has come?  It will be followed by a new moon on March 24, which inspires new ideas - it's a good time to plant seeds (goals, ideas) during a new moon that you wish to see come to harvest in 28 days, or even fall. 

In this episode I encourage you to B R E A T H E, it can help you relieve stress. I'll walk you thru two breathing exercises, including breath of fire. And, will also offer ideas for grounding and centering - and re-imagining your life, as you may be staying home a lot more often, as so many of us are, during these interesting times.

The essential oils & related items I recommend is this podcast  Raven, a respiratory-supporting blend of ravintsara, eucalyptus, wintergreen, lemon and peppermint, and Thieves - both of these oils come in the great-value 'Premium Starter Kit' of 12 oils + diffuser. And - since we're washing hands more than ever - some luxurious foaming hand soaps - in two aromas, lavender and Thieves.  You can order these and other all-natural, therapeutic-grade essential oils + infused products at