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Welcome! Enjoy these ideas on natural health & wellness, while enhancing your experience with the supportive aromas of pure essential oils. 

Jul 18, 2019

Move above the wellness line with these new products, unveiled today at the Young Living 25th Anniversary Convention.

In this episode, I unpack the new product releases, including two new nutritional supplements (Olive Essential, an antioxidant capsule and IlluminEyes eye health supplement); there are two new scents of essential oils - Chivalry and Davana + the popular Peace & Calming blend is now in a roll on. And, the cutest kids diffuser, ever! It diffuses + plays soothing sounds. 

Young Living also has CBD oils - and, if you are interested in ordering any of these products, go to - and, when signing up, please be sure to use my referral #1734225 (enroller/sponsor) so we can be on the same team :-) I am happy to walk you thru the process - and answer all of your questions about how to use these powerful products to support good health.

Are you in the Santa Barbara area? You're invited to attend an upcoming class as my guest. Message me at for details!