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Jun 14, 2019

One of my best friends always said 'gratitude is the grease' that helps you attain your desires. So, why is giving thanks so powerful? 

My guest Jacque Book, a mindset coach who speaks on gratitude and mindfulness explains the power of gratitude - and how important it is to speak about what you DO want, and not about what you don't. 

Jacque shares a simple gratitude ritual she practices daily before she opens her eyes in the morning. She explains how you can do it, and why it's important to work this ritual into your daily routine.

The essential oils aromas recommended to enhance this podcast listening experience are Idaho Blue Spruce and (Jacque's favorite), peppermint. You can order your essential oils at - where, you can receive 12 versatile pure essential oils & blends + a diffuser and other goodies all for a bargain price. 

Find out more about Jacque and her work at