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May 2, 2019

Energy healing - what is it, and is it something anyone can learn to do? I posed this question to my guest, Dani Antman, author of Wired for God: Adventures of a Jewish Yogi." Dani is a Santa Barbara based energy healer. She's internationally known and has trained for years in her craft. She shares information on her work and how everything in the universe has a vibration or energy. 
The podcast opens with news out of UC Berkeley, where researchers found that anxiety levels among college students are at epidemic levels.  I work on a UC campus, and I can often feel the nervous energy when I'm around groups of people. Sometimes, when I feel anxious at the end of a busy day, I'll use Epsom salt with essential oils in a bath, to help me calm down.
The recommended essential oils in this episode include Dorado Azul ( for lung and respiratory support) and the blend White Angelica - in honor of Dani, who loves sandalwood oil. To get started with your very own set of Premium Essential Oils, click here. Enjoy!