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Welcome! Enjoy these ideas on natural health & wellness, while enhancing your experience with the supportive aromas of pure essential oils. 

Sep 27, 2018

You may have heard the buzz about essential oils - but, how do you use them? It can be as simple as taking off the top and smelling the oils. In fact, there are three ways to enjoy the benefits of Young Living Essential Oils: aromatically, topically and internally. 


In this podcast, I show how to apply essentials and encourage you to add them to your daily routine so you can experience what they can do for you.  A cost-effective way to 'get oiling' is with a Premium Starter Kit at (my Young Living enroller/sponsor ID is #1734225). You'll receive eleven bottles of oil, some of the most common and versatile such as lavender, lemon, peppermint, and frankincense, along with some powerful blends like Thieves, Raven and PanAway. Plus, your choice of diffuser and other goodies.  A diffuser in each room of your home can work wonders in freshness and purity.

I am happy to answer your questions and help you get started, please get in touch with me via this podcast or at